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360 Degrees of Waterfront

BC Business, Frank O’Brien, July  2003

One click on Battleship Island convinced Dr. Charles Hanson that the remote spot in northwest British Columbia could be his family’s sanctuary: “We were looking for a retreat but even a small lakefront lot around Minneapolis is $100,000 plus plus and that’s U.S. dollars.”

Instead, Hanson, a Minnesota neuro-science consultant who “was fortunate” during the high-tech boom, bought the 33-acre island in Stuart Lake that he discovered on the Internet.

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Gold from the Ghost Towns

Janet Collins, Western Investor, June 2003

Special Section: Recreational Real Estate: Investment Opportunities in Western Canada

There’s a new kind of gold being produced by abandoned mining towns around British Columbia. In an interesting twist, what’s above ground has become a more attractive commodity than what lies beneath.

Some enterprising individuals and companies have seen the potential of the sites, many of which come with services (power,

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The First Cut of Profit

Western Investor, Rudy Nielsen, June 2003

I have purchased hundreds of properties all over British Columbia, with various resources on them, such as timber, gravel, hay, or even peat moss. But I never buy raw land without first obtaining air photos of the property.

Air photos are the single most important source of information you could possibly have when purchasing a parcel of land. They are obtained through the BC government on BC Online.

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Empty Town Lives Again

Janet Collins, Business in Vancouver, May 27 – June 2,  2003

There’s a new kind of gold being produced by abandoned mining towns around British Columbia. Some enterprising individuals and companies have seen the potential of the sites, many of which come with services (power, water, etc.) installed and ready. There is often no need to go through the complicated process of rezoning or surveying and the lots are often inexpensive alternatives for recreational sites and a myriad other uses.

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Buyers Eye Historic B.C. Ranch

Derrick Penner, The Vancouver Sun, November 12, 2002

There are at least three buyers anxious to take the famed Douglas Lake Ranch off the hands of bankrupt American telecom giant WorldCom Inc. now that the company appears to have seized control of the property from Bernard Ebbers, said Vancouver real-estate consultant Rudy Nielsen.

“I’ve got three buyers who have been looking at it really seriously,” said Nielsen, owner of the property firm NIHO Land and Cattle Co.

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B.C. Properties finding Cachet with Americans

Wendy Stueck, Globe & Mail, September 16, 2002

VANCOUVER — For years, British Columbia in general and Vancouver especially have attracted foreign real estate investors.

But if the buzz once focused on Asian speculators snapping up downtown condos before the units were even built, today it centres on Americans — drawn to B.C. by a low Canadian dollar, relative accessibility and in some cases, a desire for a safe haven in troubled times.

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Recreational Properties on the Move

Peter Mitham, Business in Vancouver, July 15,  2002

The market for B.C. recreational properties is beginning to follow the broader residential market upwards, with realtors noting more interest and higher prices across the province.

The market swung upwards last October after three slack years, said Rudy Nielsen of Landquest Realty Corp. in New Westminster.

“People weren’t buying any recreational lands. The American and the German markets were kind of quiet,”

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Ebbers’ Exit from Worldcom – Douglas Ranch in Doubt

Wyng Chow, The Vancouver Sun, May 1, 2002

As Edmonton-born telecommunications tycoon Bernie Ebbers tries to extract himself from his personal and his company’s financial woes, look for him to sell his flagship British Columbia property — the famed Douglas Lake Ranch.

While the sprawling 66,371 hectare (164,000 acres) ranch isn’t officially on the market, it is known that Ebbers, the towering, charismatic CEO in cowboy boots, has been testing the waters as he liquidates assets to cover debts running in the hundreds of million dollars.

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No Man Is an Island Who Owns One

M.P. Dunleavy, MSN Money Online, April 8, 2002

So if you’re thinking of investing in a second home, why not buy your own island in the Bahamas for just $75,000? It’s a full acre in size with “a rocky shoreline and dense foliage,” according to the listing at Private Islands Online. There’s also a private dock on the island so you can visit your rocks and foliage. Best of all is the name: Carrion Crow Cay.

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Spectacular Ranch Property Goes on Block

Alan Daniels, The Vancouver Sun, March 28, 2002

One of British Columbia’s most spectacular privately-owned properties, the 1,000-acre Firlands Ranch, overlooking the Columbia Valley Wetlands near Radium Hot Springs, goes on the auction block Friday.

The main residence is a 4,000 square feet, five-bedroom log house built three years ago at a cost of more than $1 million. The beauty is in the details: a built-in wine bar made from 100-year-old barn wood;

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