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Ranches & Large Acreages

BC is a perfect place to start a ranch. With our mild climate, excellent water access, and lush foliage for your livestock, you can saddle up and ride your herd out to pasture, admiring the scenic vista surrounding you. If you are interested in becoming a weekend cowboy, these ranches are perfect for you to escape the hustle and bustle of modern day life, and slip back to a quieter time, accepting the reins from your horse from your experienced foreman and ride the range for a couple of days. No matter how serious a cowboy you wish to become, NIHO has the property which is right for you.

Our rolling grasslands on the plains where NIHO’s ranches can be found provide excellent grazing for horses, cows, sheep, llamas, and any other livestock you may wish to bring in.

The natural bubbling creek and brooks, flowing into the mighty rivers and picturesque lakes means that water access is never a problem at your ranch. What about bringing in supplies? Not a problem at all! These properties are all easily accessible by at least gravel road, and in some cases, airstrips have been built to allow potential access by air. It’s never been easier for you to get your home on the range.

As our president, Rudy Nielsen, always reminds us, “Don’t wait to buy land. Buy land, and then wait!” Our ranches are no exception to this rule. The demand for Canadian livestock and livestock products has never been higher. The growing popularity of guest ranches as a vacation getaway are causing ranches to be snapped up as soon as they are put on the market. The excellent climate and water access makes British Columbia an ideal place to fulfill your dream of becoming a cowboy, even if only on the weekends.

Located throughout British Columbia, these properties are listed according their ascending order by price. Click on any of these listings to find out more about these pieces of prime recreational real estate.

Hidden Lakes PG 42A & PG 42B

This property with 2 separate titles totals 1,274 acres. It is located approximately 48 km west of Vanderhoof in central BC. A majority of the property is treed in small pine and scattered spruce. Two small, private lakes are situated in the southeast area of the property and the northwest boundary touches a third lake. The property offers unbelievable views of the creek and valley below.

Price: SOLD

PG 42A – 640 Acres
PG 42B – 634 Acres

Total: 1274 Acres

Area: Omineca
Contact Us: or 604-606-7900

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