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North Coast

The North Coast is a truly exceptional place. Much of the mid and northern coast of B.C. is as unchanged, remote and peaceful as it always has been. The lakes and rivers are pristine, the air is pure and the land is lush. The world-famous rainforests follow the course of the mighty rivers to join with the majestic Pacific Ocean. The fishing in the area is world renowned and many lodges and resorts support this industry.The coastal mountains are home to many species of wildlife including moose, black bears, and the famous Kermode Bear. Exploring secluded inlets and waterways of the coast will offer awesome views of mountains, fjords, coastal villages, waterfalls. In the Pacific Ocean, whales, sea otters and other sea life play in the open waters and make their way up and down the coastline.
While most of the area is remote, cities like Prince Rupert, Masset, Terrace, Kitimat, and Bella Coola provide the necessary services and facilities to the area to support the remote lifestyle of this region.The North Coast includes mystical Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). Haida Gwaii maintains an rich and active aboriginal culture, with totems carved centuries ago still standing tall in aboriginal villages beside more recent carvings. The Islands contain some of the most lush rainforests in the world with unique animal and plant species found nowhere else on the globe, and are often referred to as the “Canadian Galapagos”.

Explore the fabulous waters and majestic landscape of the North Coast.

Naikoon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 6 PR15-13

The largest lot in Naikoon Estates Phase II, this 30.91 acre mystical oasis offers you a home base to explore the many wonders in the area. Whether you are interested in trekking in the old-growth rainforest or using your 508 ft of riverfront on the Sangan River to reel in your dream catch, there is something for everyone.

Price: SOLD

30.91 Acres

Area: Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), North Coast
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