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The quintessential Canadian vacation property: a little cottage perched on the shore of a quiet and peaceful lake, you in a beach chair with the family pet by your side, admiring the calm of the morning. Well, NIHO can’t provide you with the family pet, but we can provide you with the lakefront property to build that perfect vacation property to enjoy the charms of lakefront living.

There are thousands of lakes in British Columbia, and the ways in which you can enjoy them are endless. Take up your fishing rod and do battle with the numerous fish which call these lakes and the rivers flowing into them their home. Or, to cool off from the summer sun, take a relaxing swim in the clear fresh lake waters, or enjoy the breeze as you paddle or sail along in your boat.

Or even just sit back and watch the calm surface of the lake in the morning, and you may be treated to some of the British Columbian wildlife, as they come to the water’s edge to get a drink, or, in some cases, to find some fish for dinner. No matter what you are looking for in a piece of recreational real estate, you can find it in one of our lakefront listings.

Lakefront properties are one of our most popular requests, and always generate a lot of interest. It seems that everyone wants a piece of the lakeside, and the already limited supply is being quickly snapped up by eager buyers when the property comes up for sale. Our president, Rudy Nielsen, was right: “Don’t wait to buy land. Buy land and then wait!” Not only will these properties increase in value, but the memories that you make on these lands will be priceless.

Located throughout British Columbia, these properties are listed according their ascending order by price. Click on any of these listings to find out more about these pieces of prime recreational real estate.

Tchesinkut Lake OM21

161 acres with about 4,600 feet of frontage on Tchesinkut Lake, located just south of Burns Lake and 226 km west of Prince George. Several natural springs, lakeview building sites, and great location make this a truly unique property. It is one of only four private properties on the south side of the lake.

Price: SOLD

161 Acres

Area: Omineca
Contact Us: or 604-606-7900

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