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The Rapid Consolidation of BC Agricultural Land

Rudy Nielsen, RI Input, Spring 2013 Poets, theologians, and sensitive types might disagree, but we humans must eat to live. We have no choice. Unless you’re skinned in chlorophyll or are a successful “breatharian” (supposedly able to live solely on fresh air and sunlight), we all need grub, calories. There are a lot of us—seven billion plus with more to come. Global population growth is finally trending down, but the UN estimates that 2045 will see nine billion hungry humans,

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Farmers hoarding land in B.C.: study

B.C. ranchers and farmers are positioning themselves to meet higher demand for local farmland, driven in part by expected food and water shortages, a new land assessment report says.

Although overall agricultural land sales are sluggish, when farms do sell the buyer is often the farmer next door, Landcor Data president Rudy Nielsen said in an interview. 

This “rapid consolidation” will create larger, more profitable farms that will increase in value as climate change reduces the amount of arable land,

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